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League of Legends Patch 11.15 is here – Akshan enters the rift, Viego & Gwen nerfs

As patch 11.15 rolls around in League of Legends, Akshan is introduced to the rift while some prominent champions receive the nerf hammer.

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The new patch is a quite lengthy one, with Akshan as the most prominent element. You can check out a rundown on his abilities here. When it comes to the biggest nerfs, Gwen (E bonus attack speed) and Viego (Q base damage, healing and bonus damage against monsters) were big targets in pro play. Thresh has become a staple on the nerf list, while the controversial Aurelion Sol and Kayle nerfs went through.

The list of buffs on the other hand is quite varied. Support champions such as Blitzcrank (Base armor and Q damage) and Rell (lower W cooldown) are prominent names, flanked by bot laners such as Caitlyn (Q damage ratio increase) and Xayah (R cooldown lowered). There’s also been some attention to the jungle, with Shyvana given faster clears and lower cooldowns and increased healing for Nidalee. Some lacklustre mages such as Cassiopeia and Syndra were also buffed, just like Kennen and Mordekaiser in the top lane.

Finally, there’s the buff to the item Hullbreaker, which hasn’t had the desired impact yet. It now gives more bonus armor and bonus magic resistance, to make users and minions a tad bit more durable. You can check out the full list of chances here.

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Image Credit: Riot Games