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League of Legends patch 11.12 – Aphelios buffs, nerfs to Kai’Sa and Varus

According to Riot themselves, patch 11.12 is a light one with some positive changes to namely Aphelios while targeting some of the strongest pick in the meta.

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Among the champions nerfed are the usual suspects, such as Renekton, Kai’Sa and the currently strong Varus (in pro play). Nasus gets his first tweak in ages, as he’s deemed a little too strong with the new Divine Sunderer buff, taking a hit to his life steal. Wukong got a sizable nerf to AD growth and his Q, as his performance lately in all levels of play has been too high following, again, the Divine Sunderer (and Black Cleaver) buffs.

In the buff department Aphelios leads the fray with buffs to Severum and Crecendum. We also spot three junglers on the list, namely the recently reworked Rammus who was been mostly underwhelming, Hecarim, who’s been nerfed into the ground and is still finding his way back, and Jarvan IV, who will get a reduced cooldown on his W to stay in a fight longer and be more relevant.

Overall this patch does seem to be on the light side, with mostly minor tweaks to champions. The reworked Dr. Mundo is now also hitting the rift for everyone to play, including his skins, and it’ll be interesting to see how he performs. For full information and numbers on this patch, be sure to check out the full patch notes rundown.

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Image Credit: Riot Games