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League of Legends Patch Notes 11.11 – Senna and Master Yi adjustments, Morgana jungle nerfed


In the newest League of Legends patch Senna and Master Yi get some adjustments, Ryze gets some love and Morgana jungle gets toned down.

In the patch notes developers said they looked back on earlier adjustments and fixed some issues here and there, among them Morgana (and Rumble) jungle, who sees her W do less damage to monsters (185% to 155%). Lee Sin also takes a hit to his laning, as his E gains 3 seconds of cooldown. (Tank) Senna will also get nerfed, putting more focus again on lethality and AP, while Master Yi sees his Q nerfed (100% AD to 90% AD) and his E damage upgraded slightly, with developers wanting to put more focus on his basic attack playstyle.

Ryze has been an interesting case in the meta, but it can be argued that he’s not in the greatest state right now. He’ll be getting his Health Growth upgraded from 98 to 110 to add some defenses. A more controversial buff is the one to Seraphine, who sees her shielding buffed immensely.

In the item department developers took a closer look at top lane tank items, countering some trends that limit early-game decision making and try to make some alternative choices more relevant. Moonstone Renewer and Divine Sunderer gain additional buffs. Frostfire Gauntlet will be nerfed slightly, as ranged users gain too much of an advantage and can more easily hit the slow. Check out all patch notes here.

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Previous article: 18/05/21
The tentative list of changes for the upcoming League of Legends patch 11.11 are here and the changes that will be coming through are kind of expected.

A nerf to Rumble jungle isn’t all that strange, considering we’ve seen a lot of him at MSI as especially higher ranked teams have found a lot of success on him. Another champion on the nerf list is Lee Sin, who was transformed into a dominant top and mid laner and has been a mainstay at MSI pick and bans. With Morgana we see yet another jungle nerf. Hecarim on the other hand will get some love after being quite overnerfed in the previous patches.

In the item department we will see buffs to items such as Staff of Flowing Water and Moonstone renewer, alongside Serpent’s Fang, Black Cleaver and Divine Sunderer. Wardstone will also be tweaked with quality of life updates, with the item transforming into ‘Vigilant Wardstone’ after finishing their support quest and reaching level 13.

All-in-all, this patch does seem to favor the support role quite a bit, as the item changes will make a lot of the enchanter support champions, such as Lulu and Janna, a lot more stronger and relevant. Chances are we’ll get to see a lot more of them in the future instead of the now-meta engage champions such as Nautilus and Leona.

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