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League of Legends Arcane – Finally diving deeper into the stories of Vi and Jinx

Riot Games has announced their animated Netflix series Arcane for September 2020. Judging from the trailer we will most likely finally get a deeper dive into the troubled relationship between sisters Vi and Jinx.

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Riot Games is well-known for always delivering great animations for their champions and in-game events. It comes to little surprise then, that the fans’ expectations are high for the animated Netflix series Arcane.

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All eyes on Vi and Jinx

While we have only gotten few and far glimpses of the series so far, one of Arcane’s main plots seems to be focused on the sisters Vi and Jinx. Their complicated relationship has more than enough room to expand their lore. Not only their childhood growing up in the undercity district of Zaun has plenty of storeis to tell.

Although they are sisters, their paths have diverged quite a bit. While Vi is fighting the Piltover crime wave alongside Caitlyn, Jinx has decided to embrace chaos and destruction. Vi is even actively trying to capture Jinx, although she has been unsuccessful so far.

What we know so far

It is unclear what the source of their sisterly strife is, but judging from the short teaser on YouTube, they definitely have an open score to settle.

In the initial announcement video fans could also see scenes from the childhood of the sisters next to a multitude of other characters that we have not seen yet in the League of Legends universe. Due to the location of Arcane in Piltover and Zaun we can also look forward to other Champions making their appearance. Especially Caitlyn and Ekko have a high chance of playing a larger role in Arcane.

Past or Present?

The lore behind Vi and Jinx has many open questions to which we will most likely finally find some answers to in Arcane. With the mixture of past and present scenes we are most likely going to finally find the origins of Jinx’ transformation into an explosive-loving and trigger-happy loner. Arcane will most likely also offer a full explanation on why Vi has teamed up with Caitlyn.

While the deeper dives into the past of both Champions is enticing we might also see a lot more of the present regarding both and what they are currently up to. We are definitely looking forward to both of them clashing in the series.

Arcane cannot come soon enough to Netflix.

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