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League of Legends 101: How to play Trundle

Trundle is one of League of Legends most recognizable champions, here’s our tips on how to play him.

Trundle has been around for quite awhile and has weaved in and out of the meta multiple times throughout his history. When Trundle is strong, there is simply no other champion like him. Knowing how to play the Troll King is an incredible way to climb the ranked ladder across several different positions. Trundle’s kit makes him a rather simple, yet very satisfying and difficult champion to master.

Trundle’s versatile nature

Trundle has been played across a wide variety of positions, including the jungle, top lane, and most recently, support. Trundle’s kit supports several different playstyles as his abilities enable solo target damage, wave and jungle clear, sustain, and other general utility. Deciding on where you want to play Trundle is then the first step. When looking to play Trundle in-lane, keep in mind that Trundle does very well against fellow melee matchups though suffers when kept at range.

In support, Trundle has widely been used as a Leona counter-pick. Trundle’s E (Pillar of Ice) is a great tool to cancel out her, and other hook champion’s, hard engage. Jungle is by far Trundle’ most popular position, and what these tips will largely reference. Trundle’s W (Frozen Domain) allows him to knock out multiple camps in relatively rapid succession. His pillar and other damage abilities also facilitate ganks fairly well. Ultimately, where you pick to play Trundle is greatly influence your build and playstyle.

Jungle clear speed and ganking ability

As previously stated, Trundle’s most popular, and perhaps most effective role, is in the jungle. Your early jungle clear is quite simple, put down your W in your selected jungle side that will encompass the most amount of camps. This will drastically increase your movement and attack speed which will allow you to quickly clear out your early camps and move into a ganking position.

Your pillar will be one of your best ganking tools. Though the ability is not a hard engage or CC, like others junglers may have, it provides a difficult obstacle and slowed effect that will make catching up to your target much easier. Your Frozen Domain will help clear the gap and your Q (Chomp) provides a slight amount of burst to damage your target down. Trundle has plenty of slows in his arsenal, the primary challenge being catching up to the opponent.

Trundle’s team fighting – Absorb damage and fight

Trundle is a great frontline jungler. Past the early phases of the game, you’ll be absorbing a lot of damage and looking for opportunities to catch out stragglers with your Frozen Pillar. Your R (Subjugate) is a great team fighting tool. With this, you should target a carry and immediately look to go in immediately after. With your W already down, you’ll be significantly more difficult to kill and able to close the gap on ranged targets.

Trundle’s passive (King’s Tribute) massively aids him in team fights as well. When enemy units die in his range, Trundle is granted a small amount of healing. This means when either enemies or enemy minions fall in his proximity in the heat of a team fight, Trundle will be able to be in the fight for longer. Granted this takes effect whether it is by your hand or not, keeping your carries alive and staying in front of them is key to being an effective team fighter.

Itemization & runes

Itemization will, of course, depend greatly on where you’re playing Trundle. For jungle, you’ll want to start with Divine Sunderer. Along with adding an extra amount of attack damage and health, Spellblade will grant an enhanced attack which synergizes well after you use your Q. After getting boots, Plated Steelcaps, you should then rush to complete Titanic Hydra. This is a pretty safe item that grants you both a significant boost in health and wave clearing ability.

After this, items that grant health should continue to be your priority. Thronmail and Sterak’s Gage are two solid options that would make a good fourth and fifth item regardless of build priority. Ultmately, anything that allows you to absorb more damage and remain a presence in team fights for longer is better.

Given Trundle’s single-target damage focus, Press the Attack is the best keystone to use. Triumph also works well with Trundle’s already existing sustain. Legend: Alacrity and Coup de Grace should round out your primary runes. Sorcery should take up your remaining two runes, with Nimbus Cloak and Waterwalking being the best two for junglers.

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