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League of Legends 101 – Finding out which champion works best for you

In a game with as many playable characters as League of Legends, it can be difficult to choose what champion fits you. Here are our tips on how to find your next main.

League of Legends hosts over 150+ playable champions with dozens of new playable characters being added every season. Picking just one champion to play, or even main, can truly be a daunting task. One of the best way to climb the ranked ladder or generally improve at the game is to select a single champion to master. These are our tips on how to find your next main.

Select your Champion ‘type’

To find a champion to help you climb, you should aim to choose a champion that meshes with your preferred play style. You should work to clearly define how you like to play the game. Thankfully, League of Legends has several different categories that places all of its champions into different archetypes.

This exhaustive list provided by Riot Games includes: controller, fighter, mage, marksman, slayer, specialist, and tank. All of these different categories encapsulate a general play style or theme present across the included champions. Marksman, for example, typically include long-ranged champions that most often build attack damage items.

Tanks tend to build health and armor related items, soak up damage, and go toe-to-toe with their opponents. With countless champions falling under every category, and many being at the intersection of two or more categories, pick one to focus on and expand your search from there.

Practice and read up

After picking your champion ‘type’ and picking a few different champions to try out, it’s time to try your hand in-game. Either practice modes with bots or unranked games are the best ways see how the champion fits you in-game. Playing games without ‘high-stakes’ will allow you to familiarize yourself with the champion’s kit before you decide to potentially jump into ranked with your new main.

Thankfully, almost every champion has a large community of those who main them. There are countless guides and videos on how best to play every champion and every champion type. Studying these guides and using them as reference would give you a solid jumping off point before going into your first game.

Find tape to watch

Almost every champion has been in the meta at some point or another. Finding a either a streamer, YouTuber, or professional player to observe will give you potentially the best insight into playing the champion in-lane, out of lane, and in countless match ups. While you may not be able to replicate their mechanical ability, but aspects such as combos, timings, and strategies are best seen first-hand.

This first hand experience from players at higher elos will likely give you insider tips and tricks that will help you in your isolated match ups. Every champion has specific mechanics or quirks that truly separate masters from beginners, and learning those tricks early and being able to implement them in game is what will separate you from the rest. Ultimately, picking your champion only begins the process, mastering them is what comes next.

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