October 6, 2020

Leaderboards & more – Changes coming to Ranked in Act III

VALORANT’s ranked system has often been criticized by the players. Riot has now announced a rework for their top players.

The rework will not only tighten rank discrepancies when queueing with friends but also introduce a regional leaderboard.

Reduced rank discrepancy

To improve the competitiveness of games Riot will reduce the rank discrepancy in games. Instead of up to six ranks of difference, matches will only be created with a difference of three ranks starting in Act 3 next week.

Furthermore Riot has decided to add a region select for your games to reduce the chances of playing on servers with high ping.

Leaderboards for Episode 2

For the absolute top players in VALORANT, Riot will introduce Leaderboards early next year. Planned to provide more incentives to continue grinding after hitting the highest rank it will probably be similar to the League of Legends ladder system.

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Image Credit: Riot Games


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