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LCS: TSM upsets Cloud9, tied for second alongside Dignitas

Handing Cloud9 their third loss, TSM turned around their worst start of the season to put themselves within one win of first place

The early game of this top-of-the-standings matchup started disastrously for TSM.  After losing a level-1 jungle invade by Cloud9, Spica then fell 3 levels behind Blaber off two failed ganks in both sidelanes. This fumble launched Zven ahead, accruing a massive gold lead off tower plates, bullying TSM off their tier one, and completing his first item Galeforce by 10 minutes.

As a response, TSM put most of their resources into toplane in hopes of making Renekton a late-game teamfight threat. This worked out well for TSM, as a fight in the toplane facilitated by an opportune engage from SwordArt propelled their slow climb back into this game.

Finding small advantages and picks across the map, as well as evening up the dragon difference, TSM turned this losing early game into an essentially neutral map at 25 minutes. A baron pit fight started by Cloud9 squarely put the game in TSM’s favor.

PowerOfEvil singlehandedly created the play that broke the game open for TSM, his Q/E combo and flash brought him over the wall and in range for a 3-man Emperor’s Divide. The opening set up the ‘mosh pit’ style engage that TSM’s composition thrives on, allowing Hecarim, Renekton, and Kai’sa to burst down the Cloud9 squad and lead into their +6,000 baron power play.

Though TSM couldn’t immediately end the game after this massive teamfight win, Lost put the final nail in Cloud9’s coffin with his decisive pentakill.

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Image credit: TSM