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LCS: Cloud9 look like the kings of North America, TSM drop match against FlyQuest

The final day of week 4 in the LCS brought us some amazing, and sometimes unexpected, results as Cloud9 kept the momentum going against 100 Thieves and TSM dropped a game.

Cloud9 went on to win yet another game against one of their biggest rivals in the form of 100 Thieves. Once again it was their jungler Blaber who pulled them ahead, as he’s having an amazing run of form. This time he played Olaf, which enabled his top laner Fudge on Camille and mid laner Perkz on Leblanc to find the necessary advantages as well. Cloud9 found their identity as an incredibly versatile team and looks like a prime candidate to win it all.

TSM on the other hand had an off-day. Support SwordArt struggled on his Rakan and especially mid laner PowerOfEvil had an uncharacteristically weak performance on Syndra. On the side of FlyQuest mid laner Palafox showed up on the Sylas pick, while the FlyQuest botlane went on to show they can be the spark needed to get the engine running, with a strong performance by Johnsun on Tristana. A painful loss for TSM and a much needed win for FlyQuest.

In other matches Team Liquid are back to winning ways as they handily disposed of Immortals with strong performances from their solo lanes. The match between Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians went down the wire, with the former only pulling ahead late featuring a strong Kai’Sa by Deftly. Finally, CLG keep their slump going as Dignitas squeeze out another victory.

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Image Credit: Riot Games (Tina Jo)