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LCS Championship location changed to LCS Arena with no live audience

The LCS has made the difficult decision to not hold the LCS Championship at the Prudential Center due to a steep increase in COVID-19 cases.

The entire tournament will instead be held at the LCS Arena in Los Angeles. The league made the decision to better control the environment in which the players will compete.

Tickets for the Championship were quickly sold out as thousands of fans were finally able to watch their favorite team in person, rather than having to watch them at home on a screen.

Unfortunately, the Delta variant of the coronavirus has been spreading throughout the United States, forcing LCS’s hands into rethinking their Championship.

“We scheduled the LCS Championship as a roadshow with fans and made the decision to move forward based on the very promising roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine in the Spring,” the statement reads. “Given the current state of affairs, we cannot in good conscience conduct a massive fan event at this time. After much consideration, it is with extreme disappointment that we’ve elected to relocate the LCS Championship event from the Prudential Center to the LCS Arena.”

By changing the venue to the LCS Arena, the LCS can ensure a safe environment for their players and staff.

Anyone who has purchased tickets for the LCS Championship will get a full refund while the LCS is working together with the Prudential Center to start the process.

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