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KRÜ Esports pull off amazing upset at VALORANT Champions, eliminate Sentinels

In what very well might be the most unexpected outcome of a VALORANT match until now, KRÜ Esports has eliminated Sentinels.

KRÜ Esports had to face Sentinels after winning their elimination match against FURIA. Sentinels on the other hand had missed out on reaching playoffs directly after suffering a 1-2 loss to Team Liquid, which included them winning 13-2 on Bind. Spirits were high for Sentinels and they went into the winners’ match against KRÜ Esports with confidence, only to be sent home in a shocking upset.

Things started out like we’d expect, with Sentinels and especially TenZ showing up and opening the score, leading to a relatively easy 13-7 win on Fracture. The tides turned on Haven however. While the first half went in favour of Sentinels at 8-4, KRÜ Esports turned things around in the second. They went on to tie the game at 8-8 and seemingly ran away with the game until Sentinels tied them again at 11-11. Through big plays, especially Juan Pablo “NagZ” Lopez, KRÜ Esports tied the series.

Split was the final map and Sentinels again started strong in the first half, again leading 8-4, but KRÜ Esports opened the second half with yet another won pistol round and starting racking up round wins, only for Sentinels to tie them at 10-10. It was again NagZ that broke the mold and gave KRÜ Esports the edge, with the team defeating Sentinels and moving on to the next round.

In the playoffs KRÜ Esports is already sure to be facing Fnatic as their next opponent, who are seen as the biggest tournament favorites so far. Other teams that already qualified and are still waiting on their opponents today are Acend, Team Liquid and Gambit Esports.

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