Three Nation tournament announced
May 14, 2020

Korea to host Three-State Esport clash between China, Japan and Korea

On May 7th the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism has confirmed that it will host a three-nation tournament between China, Japan and Korea in Seoul.

Four different games are to be played in the upcoming event. While no details have been announced yet the games are to include PC-titles but also mobile gaming and other platforms. The three countries will determine the games on a later date. As host Korea will be able to choose one to two games for the event.

Each country will determine a national team to compete against the others in the tournament.

Chinesische Fans
Chinese Fans during LoL Worlds 2018 in Incheon, South Korea

Thinking further the Korean Ministry plans to expand the scope of the event after it’s first edition in November. First they plan on including the Asian continent before eventually including the entire world. Their ultimate aim is the inclusion of esports to the Olympic Games.

With regard to the current COVID19 pandemic the organizers have announced that the tournament will happen regardless. But if the restrictions to combat the spread of the disease are still in effect in November the event will be held online.

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Pictures via Riot Games/LoL Esports Flickr
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