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Kk0ma leaves VICI Gaming, returns to Korea

The head coach of LPL team VICI Gaming Kim “kk0ma” Jeong-gyun will leave the team and return to his home country of Korea due to ‘personal reasons’. The decision was made after friendly negotiations. Kk0ma was with Vici Gaming since December 2019.

VICI Gaming put out a statement on their Twitter page, explaining a little more about the situation. “It is a pity that due to his personal wishes, we could not go hand in hand further in the following seasons, but we fully understand the importance of family. We understand the father, who does not wish to miss watching his child grow up and we understand the husband, who deeply cares for his wife. Ultimately, we fully support and respect the coach’s decision.”

Kk0ma is one of the most experienced and proven coaches around and started his coaching journey in 2011 with StarTale. After almost 7 years of coaching SK Telecom T1 kk0ma joined VICI Gaming in December 2019. The team would go on to place 9th and 11th in the Spring and Summer Split respectively, improving on last year’s results. 

Now that kk0ma has left VICI Gaming, he’s free to explore other options as a free agent. It is however expected he’ll take a short break to be with his family before returning to coaching. It’s also likely he’ll try to look for a coaching opportunity in his home country in the future.

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Image Credit: Riot Games