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Keybinds, settings and more – How to play like Caps

G2's Caps is one of the best European Mid Laners of all time. You want to play like him? Here are his keybinds and settings in League of Legends.

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Caps’ moniker “Baby Faker” has been well earned since he started his professional career in 2015. Ever since he reached the top tier of the LEC with Fnatic and later with G2 he has gathered many fans with his phenomenal play.

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The first step for anyone aspiring to be the next Caps is to take a closer look at how the Danish star play LoL. Here are his settings if you want to give them a try as well.

Video Settings
League of Legends Video Settings
League of Legends Video Options

Color Level = 50
Color Gamma = 100
Color Brightness = 63
Color Contrast = 5
Enable Screen Shake = Off
Shadow Quality = Low
Character Quality = Low
Effects Quality = Low

Mouse sensitivity

DPI = 3200
Windows sensitivity = 6
Polling Rate = 1000Hz

In-game settings
Mouse speed  = 50
Camera move speed (Mouse) = 50
Camera move speed (Keyboard = 50


Abilities = Q, W, E, R
Summoner Spells = D, F
Ward = 4
Target Champions only = B
Ping Menu = G

Obviously settings should always be customized to your own preference, but taking a look at how one of the world’s best Mid Laners plays is definitely useful. Check it out and see if they are also working for you.

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