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Karmine Corp win back-to-back EU Masters championships

The French organization avoided a reverse sweep to win their second consecutive EU Masters.

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The EU Masters finals saw a contentious, five-game series that ultimately fell in Karmine Corp’s favor. The French ERL team made EU Masters history by becoming the first team to win two consecutive championships in the event.

Both Karmine Corp and Fnatic Rising had difficult roads to the Grand Finals. Despite having one of harder groups, KC only dropped a single game before beginning their playoffs run. Fnatic Rising escaped group stages and upset Misfits Premier in dramatic fashion. Though both teams came into this final series with momentum, KC were the clear favorites to take the title.

The first two games emphasized just why KC were the favorites in the finals. KC confidently took games one and two with confident play making. Fnatic surged in game three, as Louis “Bean” Schmitz led the charge as the team retaliated by staging a reverse sweep. After taking the third and fourth games, the momentum clearly seemed in Fnatic Rising’s favor.

Karmine Corp led off game five with Jakub “Cinkrof” Rokicki’s signature Jarvan IV pick. Cinkrof’s early game presence quickly put the game in KC’s control, and the French organization soon closed out the series on Fnatic, preventing the reverse sweep. KC has enjoyed a year of complete domination in both the LFL and EU Masters, claiming their second straight title. Even after losing their toplaner, KC recovered and recreated the same success that they found in Spring.

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