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Japan launches Esport center for seniors

In Kobe, Japan, a new kind of esport center will open on July 2. Aimed specifically at seniors ISR Esport will only admit customers over 60 years old.

According to their website the aim of the new center is to offer safe and controlled environment for seniors to venture into esports for the first time. In order to do so they are about to launch Japan’s first senior esport center.

The reception desk at ISR esport
The reception desk at ISR esport
A communal playground for seniors

With esports becoming a common interest for the younger generations the center wants to help seniors get an idea of the appeal. With communal learning and exploring of esports between the interested players ISR Esport also wants to combat the increasing loneliness in old age.

Seniors exploring esports at the center
Seniors exploring esports at the center

As further benefit for the older population ISR Esport says that playing video games heavily stimulates the brain as players have to multimanage several tasks at the same time, which is beneficial for mental fitness in old age.

The center staff will accompany the interested older players all the way, introducing easy and suitable gaming titles before eventually transitioning to “full-blown” esport titles.

After every session ISR Esport will also host “Cooldown Time” where the players can share their experiences and talk to each other over while taking a break.

ISR Esport
ISR Esport “Cooldown Time”

To ensure the safety of their customers the center has stated that all the guidelines and regulations to combat the spread of COVID-19 have been fulfilled to the utmost detail. Considering that senior count among the high risk group during the current pandemic that should not surprise anyone.

While senior gamers are rarely in the spotlight there are also esports teams formed by older generations. One of the most prominent examples would be the Silver Snipers a CS:GO team consisting of players above 65.

More information regarding the center and the future business hours can be found on their official site (in Japanese):

ISR Esport official site

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Image Credit: ISR Esport
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