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Is League of Legends Wild Rift getting a World Championship?

As Wild Rift has been appearing in more and more countries, the esports scene for the game has also continued to grow.

The first hint towards the possibility of a World Championship came from Riot Games Japan, where multiple Wild Rift tournaments will be held. The eventual winner will then qualify for the World Championship, meaning that the international tournament could possibly take place somewhere from October to December, looking at the esports circuit that’s already been laid out.

The World Championship would be a great step forward for the mobile game, which has seen great numbers in the past few months as their esports plans are also being pushed further and further. As Riot Games has recently rolled out another huge update for the game, it looks to keep investing resources into balance updates and additional content for Wild Rift.

The success of Wild Rift is good news for Riot Games, who see yet another of their gaming titles rise in popularity. They already have one of the most watched esports titles in the main League of Legends game and with the current popularity of VALORANT, the developer seems to be riding an all-time high.

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