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Amazon pulls the plug on Crucible five months after release

Update: Amazon has announced that development on Crucible would be halted. Effectively killing their first game just 5 months after release.

Amazon’s first foray into video games has failed spectuclarly. With countless issues after launch and a rapidly declining playerbase, Relentless Studios tried to salvage the game by going back to beta in July.

While the developers laid out a roadmap and started implement fixed and the missing features the remaining players demanded, Amazon also kept a close eye on the player numbers. Ultimately the company has now decided to cut their losses and end development for Crucible, effectively killing their own game.

No future for Crucible

In their statement Amazon Games said that they “very much appreciate the way that our fans have rallied around our efforts, and we’ve loved seeing your responses to the changes we’ve made over the last few months, but ultimately we didn’t see a healthy, sustainable future ahead of Crucible.”

While future updates will not be coming to Crucible anymore, the developers have pledged to implement the promised Custom Games feature before shutting down development. There will be a finaly playtest and community celebration in the coming weeks before matchmaking will be shut down. Players will be able to continue playing through custom games until November 9, 2020.

Amazon Games has also offered full refunds for any purchases made through their support page.

The developers will be transferred to Amazon’s other projects like the upcoming MMORPG New World.

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Original article from May 27:
Amazon’s first foray into the video game market began with Crucible’s release on 20 May. After a week the FPS now faces a massive decline in player numbers.

There are still seven weeks to go before Crucible is supposed to leave the preseason and “properly” start with its first season. But if things continue at the current pace the game might not have any players left at that point. Crucible has dropped like a rock in terms of concurrent players as the free-to-play shooter is struggling to keep 2000 players.

Crucible numbers reach a new low after
Crucible player numbers after a week according to (screenshot taken on 27.05.2020)

On launch the game still boasted approximately 10,000 concurrent players but it took only a week for the majority to jump ship already.

Bugs and lack of features

Reviews on Steam focus on the many bugs and a glaring missing feature for the team based tactical shooter: in-game communication.

Without the ability to chat via voice or text with teammates many players are frustrated as pinging is the only way to coordinate with each other. While developer Relentless Games has been shipping hotfixes at a fast pace, the current amount of players does not bode well for the state of the game.

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