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Irelia nerfs on PBE projected to come in Patch 11.14

Irelia is bound to see changes in Patch 11.14, though nerfs are now lives on the PBE.

Riot Games designer for League of Legends, “Phlox”, released information earlier today regarding the champion, Irelia. The changes primarily seem to impact Irelia’s early game strength. Irelia’s base health (580 > 520), magic resist (32 > 28) both took a hit with attack speed per level and danage from Ionian Fervor taking hits.

Nearly all of Irelia’s abilities are set to receive nerfs, some significant while others currently undisclosed. The dash speed of Bladesurge (Q) has been “significantly reduced” while minion damage will be set at 55+11 per level.  The max damage of Defiant Dance (W) has been increased, however will see a decrease in damage reduction. Flawless Duet (E) most notably will not be able to cast or recast during either your Q or while CCed.

Irelia’s ultimate, Vanguard’s Edge (R), will see a new passive. The champion’s Q cooldown will be decreased by 0.5/1.5/2.5s based on ultimate level.

Ultimately, most of these changes will see Irelia become a significantly weaker champion in the early game. At the same time, this prospective change is not a total nerf. Much of Irelia’s abilities will see a base damage increase, making her a significantly strong mid to late game champion. While getting out of laning phase may be harder, the later phases may be worth it.

The changes are far from hitting the live server, as Patch 11.13 is soon to hit servers with 11.14 ahead. Live on the PBE, players can try out the ‘new Irelia’ though alterations to these changes should be expected.

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