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Immortals suffers two positive COVID-19 tests and plays upcoming LCS games online

Due to positive COVID-19 tests, Immortals won’t be in the LCS studio this weekend.

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Immortals’ League of Legends team is hit by the coronavirus. According to a statement posted by the LCS on Twitter, the team suffers from ‘a pair of positive tests’. It is not clear who got struck by the virus, but the entire team has to be quarantined and will therefore not play in the studio next weekend, but online. The LCS is currently in talks with Immortals to find out whether other people are at risk of infection. Naturally, the LCS wishes the infected persons a speedy recovery.

Due to the infections, Immortals will play online again next weekend, as was the standard for a long time during the corona crisis. Dignitas, Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves, who will face Immortals this weekend, have also been given the option to play those matches online. The LCS will then stream with some delay and take other steps to assure the competitive integrity. For now, the situation will not affect other matches and this weekend’s LCS broadcasts.


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