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September 17, 2020

Immortal Treasure 3 released – Battle Pass extended to October 9

Although originally scheduled to conclude on September 19, Valve has decided to extend the Battle Pass for Dota 2’s The International 2020. Players will have another three weeks to grind out the rewards they want.

Valve has released the final Immortal Treasure of this year’s Battle Pass and also announced an extension of the Battle Pass for three weeks.

The new treasure contains items for Gyrocopter, Pugna, Oracle, Treant, Lich and Clockwerk as well as an ultra rare for Phoenix. Immortal Treasure III will also have a rare drop consisting of 50 extra Battle Pass levels.

Arcana Vote Results on October 9

For the Arcana Vote results will also be presented on October 9 together with the end of the Battle Pass. Players will then find out whether Faceless Void or Spectre can look forward to a coveted Arcana skin in the future.

Valve teased a hint saying that the winner is “a purple melee carry that can cross distances with ease”. As both heroes are rather infamous for their mobility abilities (Timewalk or Spectral Dagger and Haunt) we can only speculate which hero it will be.

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For the final three weeks Valve has also launched another special sale on level bundles. Players can now purchase up to two bundles with 60 Battle Pass Levels each for 30% off. This should make it easier on busy fans to reach their desired level, while also inching TI10’s prize pool closer to the $40 million mark.

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Image Credit: Valve
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