FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer incoming
August 3, 2020

How to watch the FIFA 21 Gameplay Reveal stream

It is finally time! FIFA fans have been eagerly awaiting August 4 as EA announced a gameplay reveal stream for that day.

While the last couple of weeks EA has slowly fed little details to the fans on Tuesday the developers will show extended Gameplay of FIFA 21 to the public. Besides the trailer on July 23 and the usual rumour mill regarding leaks fans have been left in the dark so far.

How to watch FIFA 21’s official gameplay trailer

YouTube will host the big reveal for the next installment of the series, so make sure to drop in at 11:00 EDT or 17:00 BST for European fans.

You can find the stream already scheduled on YouTube here or below:

What can we expect from the trailer?

Although the details on the new gameplay for FIFA 21 will only be revealed in the upcoming stream, we can make some elaborate guesses already. With FIFA 20 being one of the most disliked entries of the franchise in recent memories EA has promised players a better experience in their last blog post.

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It is difficult to gauge just how much the announced “revisions to the fundamentals of football in FIFA” will encompass but the developers have already said that “manual headers, more balanced blocking, more intelligent passing, and increased responsiveness” are all to be tackled.

Furthermore a couple of new features shouöd also shake up the stale FIFA 20 experience. Creative Runs, Positioning Personalities and more are poised to feature prominently in the reveal on August 4.

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Image Credit: EA
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