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How to transfer your savegames from old consoles to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Many games for PS4 or Xbox One can be played on the next-gen consoles as well. But what happens to your hard-earned savegames?

You already want to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla but could not buy a PS5 and are still waiting? No worries, you can start your viking adventure on the old console and then just transfer your savegames to the next-gen once you have it. Here is how to do it for PlayStation and Xbox:

For PlayStation you need to keep an eye out however. According to not all PS4 titles support the feature. You will have to check if your game of choice supports the transfer.

1. Data transfer

The easiest way is the simple data transfer over the internet. You just need to have the latest update on your PS4 or Xbox One and log in to your next-gen console with the same account you used for the old console. As soon as both are connected you can start the data transfer process.

To do so pick the data transfer option in the menu of the old console and your savegames will copied.

2. PlayStation Plus or xCloud

If you are currently subscribed to PlayStation Plus or Microsoft’s xCloud you can also copy your data through those services. Just upload the data to the cloud before re-downloading it on your new console. While you do not have to connect the consoles to each other for this option it is slower than the direct transfer. Make sure to use the same account on your old and new console.

3. USB

There is also the good old-fashioned way of copying your files to an external harddrive or USB. Just copy the files from your old console and import them into the new one.

If your old save games are not that important to you you can also just put your game into the new console and play. But that means starting from scratch once more, so if you want to be efficient it is best to import your old save files.

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Image Credit: Sony; Microsoft