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How to recognize a Walkout in FIFA 22

A new FIFA 22 means of course a new animation for Walkouts. Here are the things you should keep an eye on to notice how good your newest FUT Cards are.

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A new FIFA is almost upon us as FIFA 22 will launch on October 1. Just like the years prior, the newest installment of the football series also has a new animation for its Walkouts. Here is a video on how to recognize a walkout in FIFA 22:

How to recognize a Walkout in FIFA 22?

There are two things to keep an eye on for this year’s animation.

  • Flame throwers
  • Spotlights

These two will also differntiate between two types of Walkouts. While all cards above a rating of 86 points are walkouts, there will be a special animation just for cards above 88 rating. Keep your eyes open for the spotlights on top of the screen, if they light up you will get one of the best cards in the game.

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Image Credits: EA Sports