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How to play Gunfight tournaments in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Activision has announced Gunfight tournaments for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Here is how to participate!

The brand new Gunfight tournaments in Black Ops Cold War are a 16 team competition. Players pair up as Duos to prove themselves in a knockout tournament.

To participate you need to invite a friend of your friendlist and then switch over to the Gunfight tournament mode in the multiplayer menu. When exactly the tournaments start and which rulesets they use has not been announced yet. But in the past Gunfights usually lasted six round with 40 seconds each.

Losers will be eliminated immediately, while the winning team moves on. Each tournaments will have four exclusive rewards: an emblem, a calling card, a lucky charm and a weapon blueprint.

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Keep your eyes on the Black Ops Cold War menu to not miss out on when the tournaments will be unlocked. We will update this news as more information becomes available.

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