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How to get Super Item Enhancers in Pokémon UNITE

As Pokémon UNITE makes its way onto mobile devices, we’re also getting Super Item Enhancers, which boosts your items to level 30.

What are Super Item Enhancers?

Well, Super Item Enhancers are basically upgraded Item Enhancers, meaning they are able to level up your held items. The twist is that with a Super Item Enhancer, you can level up straight to level 30, while your regular Item Enhancers you’ve spent on the item get refunded. Quite a useful item.

Well, how do I get them?

You’re in luck if you’re looking for some Super Item Enhancers, because there’s three for you to pick up. The only thing you need to do is go to the event page, where you’ll find an event (and mission) for Super Held Item Enhancement. There’ll you see what you need to do to earn some of the Super Item Enhancers. You’ll have to hit a certain trainer level to unlock them.

Got ‘em, now how do I use them?

Claimed the Super Item Enhancers? Great! If you want to make use of them, simply navigate towards your Item Box, where you’ll see them listed under Consumable Items. From there on you can use them on whichever held item you want, instantly boosting it to level 30. As Pokémon UNITE has faced criticism for being ‘pay to win’, this little item is a very welcome surprise.

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