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Raven Software is finally taking care of Warzone

Ever since release Warzone has struggled with proper balancing. Many patches did not make sense and always introduced either overpowered or worthless weapons. But in recent times a series of great patches have made Warzone fun again.

In the past there have always been moments, when Warzone was just unplayable. Not in the literal sense as you could obviously launch the game and queue up for a match, but it was never worth it. Completely overpowered weapons or broken mechanics frustrated players and let to uninstalls frequently.

But in recent weeks Warzone has become fun again. The game is currently quite balanced and the developers have announced to focus more on it in the future. So what did actually change?

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Good patches and patch notes?

In the past Raven Software never really bothered with patch notes. Now they have started putting emphasis on them. Detailled descriptions and even laying out the reasoning behind changes of weapons next to bugfixes for longstanding problems are now part of the patches.

The developers even fixed mechanics that players have been complaining about for a long time. Even weapons that have dominated the meta for a long time were finally nerfed. Of note is also that they did not dumpster the weapons entirely but brought them back in line with the others instead to improve overall balance.

Even within larger updates Raven Software is exercising caution. New weapons no longer dominate the meta immediately by being overpowered on release. While that has happened in the past, that power creep has stopped being an issue in recent patches.

More smaller buffs

The new approach is a lot more cautious. New weapons have even been slightly too weak now on release before getting slight buffs and changes to improve them. Instead of balancing with a sledgehammer the developers are now using a lot more care.

Newly introduced weapons also come with their own strengths and weaknesses now, so other weapons can also carve out their own niche besides them. Currently you really have a lot choices in terms of your loadout. Hopefully Raven Software keeps up their current approach and safeguards the balance in the future as well.

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