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How each Dragon Soul works in League of Legends

Managed to secure four Dragons in League of Legends and now empowered by a Soul? This is what each Soul does and how you can play to its strengths.

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Cloud Soul

  • The Cloud Soul makes you faster, giving 10% bonus movement speed (which is increased to 40% 3 seconds after casting your ultimate ability, with a 30 second cooldown).

Most people don’t like Cloud Soul, as it often has the least impact on the game and doesn’t offer the hard-hitting benefits other Souls provide.

Infernal Soul

  • Damaging basic attacks and abilities trigger an explosion around the target, dealing 80 (+ 22.5% bonus AD) (+ 13.5% AP) (+ 2.75% bonus health) adaptive damage to the target and nearby enemies as default damage (3 second cooldown).

There’s a lot to like about the Infernal Soul and some team compositions get giddy at the thought of it showing up. Teamfighting compositions will benefit greatly.

Mountain Soul

  • After not taking damage for 5 seconds, gain a shield for 200 (+ 18% bonus AD) (+ 13.5% AP) (+ 13.5% bonus health).

The Mountain Soul generally provides you with more safety. Tanks will love the shield and become more difficult to take down, while carries and squishy champions are a bit more difficult to burst down.

Ocean Soul

  • Dealing damage to enemies heals for 160 (+ 36% bonus AD) (+ 22.5% AP) (+ 9% bonus health) and restores 80 (+ 3.5% maximum mana) mana over 4 seconds. Damage to minions and monsters regenerates with 30% effectiveness.

Arguably, Ocean Soul is the soul you want almost anytime. It keeps you healthy, helps you fight longer and almost any champion gets used out of it. It’s also great for pushing the enemy back, putting them in disadvantageous positions.

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