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How does the new spectate feature in Pokémon UNITE work?

With the newest patch Pokémon UNITE also decided to start experimenting with spectating. However, how does it work exactly?

If you want to watch your friends play Pokémon UNITE, you can now do so, as Pokémon UNITE is experimenting with a brand new spectate feature. The feature will remain available from August 4 to August 6, with a big chance of it returning if it works well and is well-received by fans and players. It might also be a first step to an esports scene (and broadcast) for the game.

Now, let’s talk about how you use the feature and how you can watch your friends in action. You can find the spectate option by going to the home menu and pressing the X button. If you scroll down, it should be there for you to select. When selected, you can choose if you want to watch some of the top players play the game, which is a pretty nice addition for you to see high-level play, or just your friends.

The spectator option does have some quirks however. You can fast forward up to a 10 second delay and you’re able to see the score in games, something the players themselves aren’t able to see. In any case, the spectate option is a very welcome addition to Pokémon UNITE and we for sure would like to see it expanded and permanently added.

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