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How can G2 Esports beat GenG?

This sunday, the European powerhouse G2 Esports takes on Generation Gaming, or GenG, in the quarterfinals of Worlds 2020. How are the chances for the European team?

To start off with the positives: G2 has traditionally performed superb against LCK teams. Looking at the last few years, they have continuously had the upper hand against Korean teams in Best of 5’s – the most notable example being 2018’s SKT T1. The team is very aware of this as well, as we saw numerous memes when the bracket was revealed. G2, on a side with exclusively Korean teams? Dodging the LPL, which has been dominating G2 internationally? Perfect!

However, there are a few caveats. While G2 still has the potential to upset any possible team in a Best of 5 and their individual talent is still clearly outstanding, they do not look as invincible as they did in 2019. We saw them showcase a lot of their characteristic flaws (unnecessary overextensions, inconsistency throughout multiple games) in their performances in group A, and while they won the LEC they did not do so with the air of invincibility they had last year.

GenG, on the other hand, is not without weaknesses. Despite finishing first in their group, it felt like the team often struggled with finding consistent early game win conditions, and some of their games were literally handed to them (Thanks for that one, TSM). However, their final game left a great impression as they absolutely demolished Fnatic. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk is still a world class ADC, and in a Jungle meta you can’t really go wrong with ex-T1 player Kim “Clid” Tae-min.

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Image Credit: Riot Games / G2 Esports