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How can Fnatic defeat TOP Esports during the knockout stage?

Fnatic have a tough challenge ahead of them, having drawn the number one seed from the LPL (and one of the tournament favourites) Top Esports for their quarterfinal. Let’s take a quick look at how Fnatic can perhaps do the impossible and beat Top Esports in their upcoming series.

Simply put, Fnatic will have to play their own game. They will not be able to match TOP Esports at their game, but rather try and make them play your game. Selfmade has shown to be great on carry junglers, so it’ll be important to secure a strong jungler for him during draft. This could be either a Hecarim or Evelyn pick, depending on how the draft goes. TOP Esports will most likely ban multiple junglers, so having one or two pocket picks for the jungle would be nice. 

After the draft, Fnatic should look to enable and play through Selfmade. Whenever Selfmade gets invaded, help him by collapsing from all sides and assist him. Hylissang will most likely be Selfmade’s support and form a roaming squad. This leaves Rekkles in the botlane where he will have to try and fend for himself which we have seen him do successfully a lot of times in the past. Whenever Selfmade gets ahead and can start assassinating people or straight-up fight them because he is stronger, there is a chance that Fnatic can win.

Playing standard league of Legends and letting Top Esports control the pace of the game will for sure be the end of the European powerhouse at Worlds. All the odds may be stacked against them, but Fnatic can never be counted out and will look to defeat TOP Esports this Saturday during the quarterfinals. 

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Image Credit: Riot Games / Lolesports