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Update: Heroic cleared to leave quarantine at IEM Cologne 2021

Following additional negative tests Heroic will be allowed to leave their quarantine at IEM Cologne 2021.

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After a player of Heroic tested positive for COVID-19, the team was quarantined. After multiple tests were done afterwards, which were all negative, Heroic was declared safe to exit the quarantine. They’ll still have to play their first match out of their practice room however. “Heroic have left from their single room quarantine today from 10:00 CEST and are now allowed into their practice room, where they’ll compete for today’s match.”

Despite having to play from the practice room today, there’s a possibility they’ll be able to play on the stage later on. “We will continue to follow protocol and conduct further tests with the team today.” IEM says. “This will determine whether they are cleared to enter the tournament area in the next few days.”

Heroic are playing their first match of the tournament against Team Spirit, as they were dealt in group B. In case of a victory they’ll go on to play the victor of the match between Astralis and FaZe clan, otherwise they’ll play the loser in the lower bracket tomorrow. It’ll remain to be seen if Heroic will be allowed to participate in on-stage play, but if their tests results remain negative we might see them in person again somewhere tomorrow.

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Previous article: 07/07/21
IEM Cologne has released a statement following a player from Heroic that tested positive for COVID-19 and what they’ll be looking to do about it.

IEM shared the news in a statement to Twitter, announcing that Heroic will be quarantined following the positive test. This however doesn’t mean Heroic are out of the tournament, as they’re allowed to keep competing. “Based on the currently available facts, the entire Heroic team will remain in quarantine in accordance with our protocol. The player is in good condition and Heroic have decided to continue to compete from inside their quarantine.”

Afterwards IEM also shared their protocol and discussed what they’ll be doing to manage the safety of players and staff going forward. “We will continue to follow our COVID protocols to ensure the safety of all players and crew on-site. The German health authorities have been informed. More information will be provided as we receive guidance from them.

Today marks the final day of the play-in stage, where teams such as Complexity, OG and Team LDLC are still fighting it out for a spot in the group stage, which is set to start tomorrow. Heroic already qualified and was dealt to group B, where they’re still waiting to see who their opponent will be. However, the match will be played under different circumstances as Heroic will be playing out of their quarantined room.