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Has Team Liquid recovered? – 100 Thieves hand TSM their first loss

TSM were delivered their first loss by the surging 100 Thieves, while Team Liquid showed some semblance of coordination.

Only two weeks into the LCS, the Summer Split has been fraught with drastic roster changes and upsets against the predicted favorites. While the Spring records kept the tone from last season going into the Summer, the rosters are beginning to shuffle. Moving into the later parts of the week, we may begin to see some major changes.

100 Thieves still surging, snap TSM’s winning streak

One of the two teams escaping week one undefeated, TSM appeared like the team to beat moving into weak two. 100 Thieves were up to the task, as they ultimately took the victory in a 31 minute landslide. Though starting out relatively slowly, Felix “Abbedagge” Braun broke the game open for 100 Thieves at 16 minutes. So far placed exclusively on a supportive mage pick in Karma, seeing 100T’s new midlane on a high impact assassin was a breath of fresh air.

After this point, 100 Thieves had full control of the map and following neutral objectives. 100 Thieves’ impressive coordination did what no other team could thus far, and did so in an absolutely commanding manner. Though only tied for third place in the standings, 100 Thieves’ impeccable performance today suggests that certainly could contend for first.

Are Team Liquid’s toplane ails over?

Team Liquid had the most notable start to the LCS Summer Split, though certainly not in the way they may have wanted. Ever since the first game, Thomas “Jenkins” Tran has taken over the toplane position. Following recent controversy, on the surface it at least appears as though the drama concerning the toplane has subsided with Barney “Alphari” Morris set to make an eventual return to the rift.

Team Liquid’s win against Dignitas also shows that perhaps the rest of the starters have bounced back from their frantic start. TL’s botlane and mid/jungle had a respectable showing in a dominant win against Dignitas. Certainly looking better, it may be safe to assume that Team Liquid is back on track.

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Image Credit: Riot Games