Grim To Team Liquid
July 29, 2020

Grim to replace nitr0 for Team Liquid

After first reports emerged that Grim would be replacing nitr0 on Team Liquid’s CS:GO roster, Team Liquid has now confirmed that changes are coming to their lineup.

North American talent Michael “Grim” Wince is about to step up to one of Counter-Strike’s premier teams. Team Liquid had won an Intel Grand Slam in record time and briefly dominated the CS:GO scene in 2019. Since then their form has detoriated and they are currently ranked eighth in the world, a far cry from their prior peak.

Grim was part of the Triumph roster that has established themselves just behind the North American top teams, thanks in large part to Grim’s performances. In the last three months the 19-year old managed to rack up an impressive rating of 1.36. With additional firepower secured Team Liquid is aiming for more than the single championship they have won in 2020 so far.

nitr0 to depart

Grim will most likely replace long standing Team Liquid player Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella. nitr0 has been with TL ever since the organisation entered the CS:GO scene. Team Liquid’s success in recent times has been in large part due to his versatility and adaptability that also saw him becoming the in-game leader of TL for a while.

It is unclear yet where nitr0 will be headed after the official announcement. For now Team Liquid has only confirmed that roster changes are happening and that Grim will be starting for their team in the upcoming DreamHack Open on August 8.

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Image Credit: Alex Maxwell/DreamHack
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