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Getting consistent – How to become better at spraying in CS:GO

Spraying in CS:GO is easy, doing it well is far more difficult. Let’s take a look at getting to grips with spraying.

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How does recoil (and inaccuracy) work?

There’s some stuff you need to know before you get started. The first one is that two things affect where your bullets will go towards, namely recoil and inaccuracy. With recoil, the kick from your gun throws off the aim and direction, whereas with inaccuracy, there’s a slight shift in your point of aim. The latter can vary quite a bit, while recoil itself is more predictable.

Learn the recoil patterns

Patterns are just that, patterns. You’re able to learn them and remember them, even make it part of your muscle memory, which allows you to be more accurate when spraying. You can find the patterns of all guns online, but the best way to practice is to just enter a local game, get your cheats out (infinite_ammo_2 and show_impacts_1) and just get to it.

Practicing daily, actively compensating for the recoil, will see you greatly improve your control over recoil. Alternatively, there are some great maps available in the CS:GO workshop such as ‘Recoil Master’, for example.

Great, what else?

Aside from knowing how to spray and control the recoil, an important aspect is also knowing *when* to start spraying. General, at long range, you’d want to tap instead of spraying, especially with a weapon such as the AK-47. Get to know at what ranges you’re comfortable spraying and adjust your style accordingly. There are times where accuracy is more important, while at other times you just want to empty that clip as fast as possible.

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