October 10, 2020
League of Legends

Gen.G (#1) and Fnatic (#2) move on from group C, TSM remain without a win

All matches in group C have concluded and both Gen.G and Fnatic were the ones to make it out of groups in first and second place respectively. North American team TSM wasn’t able to pick up a victory in the group, ending their stay at Worlds 2020 with a 0-6 record.

The day started out great for Fnatic in their first two matches, being absolutely dominant in their games against TSM and LGD Gaming. After their victory against the latter Fnatic was already locked in for playoffs, the only thing that still had to be decided was if they’d get first or second seed. That would be decided in the final game of the day between Fnatic and Gen.G, which was eventually won by the Koreans. As second seed Fnatic run the risk of playing one of the tournament favourites next.

TSM didn’t have such a good day (or a good tournament for that matter). After going 0-3 throughout the first week, day 7 proved to be just as difficult for the North American number one seed. After losing to Fnatic they did have two arguably competitive games against Gen.G and LGD Gaming, but in the end were unable to secure a single win as they leave the Worlds 2020 stage.

Worlds 2020 groups conclude tomorrow with Group D, where Top Esports and DRX look to be in prime position to leave groups. The group also features the final chance for North America to have a team leave groups in FlyQuest, who currently sit at a 1-2 record.

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Image Credit: Lolesports / Riot Games
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