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Gardevoir hits Pokémon UNITE – What you need to know

Gardevoir is the first new Pokémon to hit the game post-release on Nintendo Switch, so let’s take a deeper look at what it provides in the game and how to play it.

Gardevoir’s style of play

When looking at Gardevoir’s arsenal of moves, it’s easy to see it’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Gardevoir is a ranged attacker and will be able to deal big amounts of damage to your opponents, which is also her main purpose and its strongest asset, also being decent at scoring. Where Gardevoir lacks a little however is its endurance and mobility, which will have to be played around to be successful.

Gardevoir will start out as a Ralts, evolving into Kirlia at level 6 and finally into Gardevoir at level 10.

Ideal held items

As Gardevoir will be looking to deal as much damage as possible, we’ll need items that synergize well with this playstyle. Things like the Sp. Attack Specs and the Attack weight are rather obvious choices, as they put in a raw boost to Gardevoir’s already great offensive power.

Another route you could possibly take is to try and mitigate one of Gardevoir’s biggest weaknesses, which is its lacklustre mobility and endurance. For those who want to be a little more mobile, the Float Stone might be a great option, while something like Shell Bell could provide more staying power.

A look at Gardevoir’s moves
  • Special Move #1

Confusion is a standard attack with a 4.5 second cooldown that can be launched from a distance, which is available to you right away. Later on, at level 8, you’ll have the option between Psychic and Moonblast. Psychic will give you an aura that damages Pokémon caught inside it, providing AOE damage on a 7 second cooldown.

Moonblast is more straightforward. You lob your attack forward while moving backward, stunning those who are caught in the attack. When teamfighting often, Psychic might be a better choice, but when it comes to single-target combat, opt into Moonblast.

  • Special Move #2

Starting out you’ve got Teleport, which lets you teleport to a selected location, buffing up your next attack (11 second cooldown). Later, at level 6, you get the choice of Psyshock or Future Sight. With Psyshock you’ll deal damage in the area in front of you three times. With Future Sight you launch a delayed attack that explodes after a short period of time. If you hit another Pokémon, the 10 second cooldown is reduced.

Again, you’ll have to look at your current playstyle and what kind of build your team most needs. Future Sight offers a little more support and defensive ability, trapping and guiding enemies, while you should opt into Psyshock if you’re just there to provide the needed damage.

  • UNITE Move

Gardevoir’s UNITE move is Fairy Singularity, which is available at level 9 on a percentage-based cooldown. With the move you’ll create a big rift which draws enemies into it. Once it disappears, you’ll knock your opponents back while damaging them. This could be a gamechanger in teamfights, but you’ll have to coordinate well with your teammates.

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