LCK franchise bid by Gamer Republic
June 30, 2020
League of Legends

Gamer Republic starts fundraiser for LCK franchise bid

While the Summer Split 2020 has only just begun, preparations to enfranchise the LCK in 2021 are in full swing. Gamer Republic has now started a fundraiser to aid their bid for a franchise slot.

Gamer Republic is a new start-up competing against esports giants like SKT1 or Gen.G for a slot in the franchise league.

As a fresh face in the industry Gamer Republic has to rely on different income channels to generate the $10 million entry fee to the league. In order to do so the start-up has now started a fundraiser on kickstarter to raise the necessary sum.

A team of fans, run by fans and for the fans

Instead of small benefits and perks (eg a team jersey or something similar) for supporters on kickstarter, Gamer Republic aims to take fan interaction to a new level.

In order to do so they have introduced a novel way of running a professional team.

If you pledge your support during the fundraising period you will acquire operating rights to the team. In essence you will be buying votes on daily business and operational decisions for the team depending on the money you pledge.

Gamer Republic promises that you will basically be able to play esports manager in real life making decisions regarding players, coaches and managers even down to the bans and picks during the draft.

Operation score to reward good decisions

To further incentivize backers Gamer Republic will also track a “Operating Score” for the supporters. Depending on the outcome of their decision (eg a player transfer that worked out well) backers will be able to gather or lose points. If you do well enough to top the board at the end of the season you will also win a trophy to commemorate the occasion.

Should Gamer Republic’s LCK team win the entire league the start-up also promised to share the won prize money with it’s backers according to their Operation Score.

The full details and description of their future team structure can be found on their kickstarter page here:

Gamer Republic – Become a League of Legends team manager in the LCK

At the time of writing (June 30) the fundraiser has managed to acquire over $20,000 in pledged support. While that is a promising start Gamer Republic only has 36 days left to raise the necessary $10 million.

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Image Credit: KeSPA, LCK, Gamer Republic
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