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Gambit sweep Envy in the Masters Berlin Grand Finals

The CIS organization has taken another FPS title's championship after winning Masters Berlin.

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The EMEA first seed, Gambit Esports, completed a near perfect playoff run. Only dropping a single map versus South Korea’s Vision Strikers, Gambit have become the second team to lift an international trophy. Fighting their way through a contentious group, Gambit had a difficult road to their eventual championship. Envy were an unlikely opponent that impressed up until their last day. Going undefeated in groups and breezing past their NA counterparts, Envy fell flat in the Grand Finals. After sweeping Envy, can Gambit be considered the best team in the world?

Gambit’s superstar roster dominates Masters Berlin

Gambit has no shortage of carry players. Throughout most of the tournament, Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin was largely considered the best individual performer in Berlin. A dominant controller player, nAts’ ability to lock down the map and top frag  propelled Gambit early on. In the Grand Finals however, it was Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov who stole the spotlight.

Chronicle found 73 total kills, 182.1 ADR, and averaged a 86% ESR across 3 different Agents in Gambit’s clean 3-0 victory. Despite the efforts of Envy’s latest Jett main, Jaccob “yay” Whitaker, Gambit’s synergy and individual prowess won them their first international event.

Where do Gambit stack up?

With this dominant performance, Gambit has put themselves clearly in the upper bracket of the international teams when seen thus far. Claiming both their first domestic and international trophies in rapid succession, it is clear the Gambit have hit their stride.

Going into Champions, Gambit will again be an obvious favorite to make a deep run, however maintaining this high level of play against far more teams will be the CIS organization’s next challenge.

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