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Gambit emerge as IEM Summer 2021 champions

Gambit were able to reclaim their championship status after a win in the IEM Summer 2021 grand finals.

Gambit made a statement in the beginning of the competitive season by claiming the IEM Katowice title. Though able to compete at the highest level, Gambit were largely unable to recreate their initial success in following tournaments. Gambit’s dry spell ended today however, as a 3-0 sweep of OG crowned the CIS squad the IEM Summer 2021 champions.

Starting off the series on Mirage, a tight 7-8 T-side half saw the eventual champions with only a narrow lead. Gambit were able to out frag their European counterparts however, as they won a majority of their rounds via elimination. Though OG were able to keep it close, all but Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen ended negative by the map’s end.

Dust2 was a more dominant affair for Gambit, however they found themselves trailing after T-side. An incredible twelve round winning streak facilitated Gambits 16-11 map win. The momentum was clearly in Gambit’s favor, and the CIS team had no intention of letting go.

Gambit finished off the series with the biggest landslide of the series on Overpass, ending 7-16. Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov was named the series MVP, rightly so as he ended the relatively short series with 74 total kills and 95.6 ADR.

Once again the kings of Counter Strike, Gambit have won their second title of the year. In a year where the CIS has risen and exceeded expectations, Gambit have largely led the charge.

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