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Gambit and NIP fall early in the ESL Pro League Playoffs

Two surprising results came as both Gambit and NIP were eliminated.

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The CIS superstars in Gambit were topped everyone’s favorites list going into the ESL Pro League. Absolutely dominating their group, it seemed like Gambit were going to live up to expectations once again. In their first playoff series though, Gambit fell to Vitality. In similar fashion, the surging Ninjas In Pyjamas fell to OG. Without a loser’s bracket in playoffs, both teams must now sit and watch the rest of the ESL Pro League play on without them.

Has Gambit fallen off?

Gambit have been the stars of the online era. The team quickly rose to the top of the CIS, and soon the entire CS:GO scene. Placing first in their last three tournaments, including IEM Cologne, Gambit went into ESL Pro League seemingly at the top of their game. Vitality stopped Gambit in their tracks at the first hurdle though, sweeping Gambit 2-0.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut proved why he is still one of the greats in the game. The French carry player dropped 50 kills across these two relatively quick games. Vitality’s run continues as the face OG in the next round.

OG set for semis after downing NIP

NIP barely scrapped by group stages, hardly making the playoff cut. Their initial playoff game against Mousesports proved promising. OG stood waiting for them at quarters, and ultimately ended NIP’s short lived run.

Shahar “flameZ” Shushan fragged out, proving himself as the gun star of his squad. FlameZ found 73 total kills, 13 entry frags, and the highest overall rating (1.37). OG will now continue on to face off against Vitality for a spot in finals.

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Image Credit: Vitality