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G2 Esports Targamas: “Winning Worlds has now also become my own personal goal, just like winning LEC”

We spoke to new G2 Esports support Targamas about dealing with pressure, performing in the LEC and G2’s Worlds ambitions.

Hi Targamas! How does it feel to make your return to the LEC again, after proving yourself in competitions such as the European Masters, in one of the best teams that Europe has ever seen?

Targamas: It feels really good because it’s been four years and I’m really excited to be playing in the LEC again, or the EU LCS like it was called previously. It’s been quite a long journey for me to get that spot back but I finally managed to get there and prove myself again at the highest level in Europe, and hopefully the world. This time I really want to make it count and I hope I can last longer than one split (laughs).

Does the pressure on your shoulders right now feel in any way familiar to your time on Giants back in 2018, or do you consider the LEC as it stands now a completely different beast?

Targamas: I think the main difference comes from me, as I’m just not the same person I was four years ago. Another big difference is that with Giants in 2018 I was there to play my first split at the highest level. It was my first professional split, even quitting school to go play full-time. There wasn’t really this pressure on me to win constantly, I was there and expected to just play in the competition. Right now however we’re playing to win it all and become the best.

Was that a difficult decision for you, dropping school and going fully professional? Did you struggle with that at all?

Targamas: I don’t think it was really a big decision for me to make, the most difficult part came in the few weeks after deciding on it, just realizing what happened. Before I actually went fully professional it was basically a no-brainer for me but then a few weeks later it was harder than I anticipated. I don’t really regret it and I’m really happy I get to experience all this. I certainly grew a lot from it.

Looking at your past, you played with players such as xMatty and Jezu, who are both currently active in the LEC. Do you think that gives you an edge laning against teams such as SK Gaming and Team BDS?

Targamas: I wouldn’t say it really gives me an advantage against someone like Jezu. He’s someone else entirely from when I played with him in Misfits and I don’t think I really have an advantage against him. With xMatty I played a lot and I think we both know each other really well, which might make some decisions a little easier to guess.

Along with G2 Esports picking you up, they went with Flakked as the ADC, making up an entirely new bot lane. How are you guys getting along and how do you feel you stack up against other bot lanes in the league right now?

Targamas: I think things have been going pretty well and we still have to show what we’re capable of, as last weekend things were really easy. Our games weren’t really lane focused and the matchups weren’t very interesting. All in all we’ve been getting along really well and performing well against the best bot lanes in Europe during scrims, so I’m still really excited for the upcoming games.

Let’s cycle back to last weekend then. You just played in the superweek of the LEC, and played really well, again showcasing your versatile champion pool. On that note, what do you think are your biggest strengths as a support and on that note, weaknesses?

Targamas: I think that I’m able to play all types within the supporter role. If the team needs an enchanter, I whip out an enchanter, if they require a more carry-oriented style, I play a more aggressive support and look to engage, … . I do like to play everything and that’s obviously one of my strengths. it makes everything easier in draft as well, as there’s multiple routes to take.

If I had to name one of my weaknesses, I would say it’s communication. I don’t really take part that much in it, at least in-game. I don’t consider it a weakness really and for me it really depends from team to team. Sometimes there’s big voices within a team and it’s just better if others talk less. Having more veteran players around me also changes the dynamic. In G2 Esports it’s mostly Jankos and Caps who speak a lot and they bring forward some great ideas.

If we look back we can see that Thresh is your most played champion competitively, but is it also your favorite?

Targamas: I don’t really like to play Thresh honestly, it’s one of the champions I dislike playing the most (laughs). I did play him a lot of him in the past and he’s one of the most iconic support champions because he’s been played for ages, always in the meta.

Moving on, you joined a G2 Esports roster where the owner (Ocelote) adamantly stated he wants to win Worlds. Aside from that, do you have any personal goals you want to achieve?

Targamas: Joining G2 Esports it’s a given that we’re looking to win the tournament I’m playing in, which is currently the LEC of course, and aim for international success. Winning Worlds has now also become my own personal goal, just like winning LEC. It may be a bit too early to say something like that but I believe that it’s within my capacity to do so. Just healthy ambition.

One more closing question, which is oriented at people looking to get into competitive League of Legends. What is the best advice you can give them?

Targamas: The best advice I’d give is to actually be able to look past everything. Always have a back-up option. Competing as a professional League of Legends player is a stressful job, especially if you’re in the situation we’re you’re looking for a new team and it doesn’t always go the way you want. You can be good enough but the opportunities might not be worthwhile.

So it’s good to think about other options. I’ve also had my studies on the side I could’ve fallen back on if things didn’t work out. It’s not impossible to do multiple things together and see which opportunities come along. If you’re all-in and things don’t work out, things can get even more stressful.

Thank you for your time, Targamas, and best of luck this weekend!

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