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G2 Esports on top in LEC – TSM win LCS

Both the LEC and LCS came to a close this weekend with G2 Esports taking on Fnatic and TSM battling it out with FlyQuest. In the LEC it was G2 Esports who swept Fnatic with a 3-0 scoreline while TSM had some more issues with FlyQuest in a closer series that ended in 3-2 for TSM.

The Grand FInals of the LEC was shaping up to be a big series, as Fnatic beat G2 Esports convincingly in their earlier meeting in the playoffs. This time things turned out a bit different after a standout performance by mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Winther, who also took home the MVP award. Even though G2 Esports would go on to win 3-0, Fnatic put up a fight in each one of their games. The first match went on exceptionally long, only ending after a misstep by Fnatic jungler Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek.

In the LCS it was TSM that won it all after a good playoff run following a mediocre split. They met FlyQuest in the finals, who suffered some technical difficulties following a heatwave in California as their AD carry Jason “Wildturtle” Tran had to deal with a power outage. FlyQuest would win game four to make it 2-2, but TSM refocused their efforts and won the final game, making them the LCS champions.

The teams can now enjoy a brief rest period as they prepare for Worlds, which will start in October. There they’ll be able to prove themselves among the best teams in the world.

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Image Credit: G2 Esports