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G2 defeat FURIA – How does NiKo fit in?

With G2 Esports acquiring Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač from FaZe Clan, the world renowned fragger finally joins forces with his cousin, Neminja ‘huNter-‘ Kovač. Is this a worthwhile investment for G2 or will the (now even more) international roster struggle to find their way in the online era of CS during the ongoing pandemic? 

With the first match of NiKo following quickly after his announcement, it wouldn’t have been too surprising if G2 would struggle at the start. Bringing a new player into the roster could take some adjustment time and they’ll of course have to learn how the setups will run. Despite these possibly negative factors playing in as well as their first opponent being the world’s fourth best team in the form of FURIA, G2 was able to bring the heat and win with a strong 2-0 performance. 

Was NiKo playing a stellar match? No. Did he have to? Not at all. With his cousin huNter- often trying to open things up in the round there was not a lot of early pressure NiKo had to put in. This did however enable him to adopt a relatively free playstyle, more so of course than during his time at FaZe where he had to focus on being the IGL for the team as well. Being able to use ground opened up by either huNter- or a different teammate, gave him enough chances to put more pressure on his opponents or refrag if necessary. 

This first win does bode well for the team as they slowly start to build a strong playstyle with the new star in their midst. Let’s hope for G2’s sake that this game is not just part of a brief honeymoon period but instead of a long and healthy relationship.

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Image Credit: G2 Esports
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