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G2 and Navi bound to meet in the 2021 IEM Cologne Grand Finals

After two difficult semi-final matches, G2 and Natus Vincere advanced to face off in the grand finals.

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2021 IEM Cologne has seen countless incredible players and teams, but now only two remain. G2 were able to take down the once legendary Danish squad, Astralis, to advance. Similarly, Navi cruised past a recently surging FaZe Clan with their superstar AWPer. Now, the two are bound to face off in one final series to determine the 2021 IEM Cologne champion. Did their performances today give any indication as to who could go home with the first LAN trophy of 2021?

G2 outlast Astralis in 2021 IEM Cologne

G2 have had their best tournament in recent memory, taking down former Major champions, Astralis. G2 led off the series by winning Astralis’ once indefensible map, Nuke (16-6). While all of G2’s roster had an incredible performances, Francois “AmaNEk” Delaunay led the charge. Astralis fired back on Dust2 (12-16) to tie up the series.

One final, contentious map on Inferno (16-14) eventually gave G2 the win and finals berth. Going into the finals, AmaNEk and huNter- are coming in hot after great individual showings.

The lone CIS team stomps FaZe

After the losses of Virtus.pro and Gambit in the quarter-finals, the number of CIS representatives dropped rapidly. Navi will carry the flag in the finals after a convincing victory over FaZe clan.

Both maps, Inferno and Mirage ended with quick 16-7 results firmly in favor of Navi. Once again Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev had an outstanding game. S1mple found 105 ADR off of 52 total frags and a 82% KAST. With S1mple and the rest of Navi synergizing so well, they certainly seem to be the favorites moving into the final.

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