September 3, 2020

FURIA coach guerri responds to accusations of abusing coaching bug

The CS:GO community remains in an uproar after the recent camera exploits that were used by professional coaches, which resulted in some of them being banned. Now FURIA coach Nicholas “guerri” Nogueira has been accused of using a camera exploit all the way back in 2019, when FURIA faced off against Complexity in ECS Season 7.

The accusations against guerri were made on Twitter, where esports referee Michal Slowinski showed a clip of guerri reportedly abusing the exploit in their match against Complexity. According to Slowinski, guerri made use of the exploit for the entire game and said he was also bugged in the earlier match against Luminosity Gaming.

The FURIA coach would later respond to the accusations, where he tries to explain what happened in the form of a video. According to him, he didn’t understand the implications of the bug and didn’t pay much attention to it after it resolved itself after the first round. When it happened again in another match, he claims to have alt-tabbed out of the game and points to the movement of the mouse (among other things) as proof.

It’s currently unclear if other coaches abused the bug but it’s expected that other people will come forward in the upcoming weeks with cheating accusations. Slowinski urged people who abused the exploit to come forward. “For all the coaches. If you abused this coaching bug in an official match, it’s time to step up, be a man, admit it and apologize.”

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Image Credit: ESL
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