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FPX Steak: “I feel like we lost because we’re the worst team in our group for today”

FPX’s head coach Chou "Steak" Lu-Hsi spoke to us after their tiebreaker matches in this brief interview. He talks about FPX’s run at Worlds and some thoughts on the other LPL teams.

In a shocking twist of events, FunPlus Phoenix, the LPL’s second seed and a favourite of many to challenge for the Worlds title, have been knocked out in Group A during the second round robin. The Worlds 2019 champions have now bowed out of the tournament with DWG KIA exiting the group as first seed.

First and foremost, thank you for accepting this interview. I know it has not been an easy day. How are you feeling right now?

Steak: So, I really feel very annoyed at this moment, because it feels like every year we end up like this. I really feel like maybe I am lacking something very important that can carry the team in these crucial moments.

I’m very sorry to hear that. And I just want to ask a little bit about the team’s condition today, coming in at 2-1 and then playing four games. Talk to me a little bit about the preparations going into today and what do you think went wrong?

Steak: To be honest, I really feel like losing either two, three or four games is not a very important part. I feel like we lost because we’re the worst team in our group for today, so it’s normal.

Would you say that the meta was a big factor in how FPX performed this Worlds? When Doinb was interviewed, he mentioned that when they were scrimming, how they perform and what you picked in scrims were not the same as official matches. What are your thoughts on that?

Steak: Yeah, that could have had a small amount of influence on things. But I really think that to get out of the groups to get into the Knockout stage, as a very good team, we can and really should be able to adapt in every single meta.

What are your biggest learnings or takeaways from your performances, or at least from Worlds 2021?

Steak: I feel awful not only for today but also for this whole year. It’s very obvious to me that FPX in many of the very crucial moments and crucial matchups didn’t manage to perform well. I really need to find my own reasons for that and also find some adaptations.

Moving on from that. Now that Group A is complete, I’d just like to get your thoughts on the other LPL teams that are at Worlds 2021 at a moment in Edward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up and LNG Esports. What do you make of their performances so far and do you think they will make deep runs?

Steak: So I really feel all the other three teams can get into the Knockout stage as first seeds from their respective groups. I think in the final we will see at least one LPL team and if their opponent is not DWG KIA the finals, I believe both finalists will be LPL teams.

Speaking of DWG KIA, there’s been a lot of talk on social media on the disparity of strength between regions, especially between the LPL and LCK. What are your thoughts on that for this year? Is the gap very big or do you think it’s close?

Steak: I think that the gap between the LPL and LCK is not that big, so regardless of which region manages to win Worlds 2021, I would not be surprised with the result either way.

If you had to pick one team to win worlds then which team would it be?

Steak: For now, EDward Gaming.

We’ve come to the end of the interview. Anything you’d like to say to the fans in general?

Steak: I’m very disappointed with our performance at Worlds 2021. I really hope if we have the chance to come here next time, we will have better results to show for.

Thank you Steak and best of luck next year.

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