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FPX Jungler Bo reports himself to officials after being coerced into match-fixing

The FunPlus Phoenix Jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo has reported himself to the officials after he was allegedly forced into match-fixing in the LDL.

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FunPlus Phoenix announced the news on their Weibo page, a popular Chinese social media platform. There they announce that Bo is admitting to being coerced into match fixing, most notably during his time in the LDL, the Chinese development league or second division. “Bo has come forward to report to the club about he was coerced into participation in inappropriate competitive behavior during the 2020 LDL tournament.”

In their statement, FunPlus Phoenix went on to announce they’ll be offering their full cooperation as Riot Games and the LPL launches an investigation into the matter. “Immediately Player Zhou Yang Bo and FPX Club management have reported to the League of Legends Official Disciplinary Management Committee and have cooperated with the League in its investigation.“

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As a reaction to the match-fixing investigation, FunPlus Phoenix will be suspending Bo until the investigation concludes to ensure the fairness of the LPL. “FPX eSports Club respects the playing field and the spirit of competitive sports. We will fully cooperate with the League’s investigation and accept public supervision, and will not tolerate any behavior that undermines the fairness and impartiality of the tournament”

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Image Credit: FPX