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Fnatic suffer COVID-19 contamination, quarantine players and staff

LEC team Fnatic found a player and coach to be infected with the virus as they decided to take measures to handle the situation.

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LEC player and support Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov and Fnatic assistant coach Gary “Tolki” Mialaret were the ones who contracted the virus. Fnatic put out a statement on Twitter where they discussed the situation. “In line with Fnatic internal policies, we asked everyone that has been exposed to our positive cases to be retested and work remotely.”

According to the organization their playoff matches should continue as planned after collaborating with Riot Games. “On receiving the result, our first priority was to set up our team safely, and in a way which ensured we could complete our fixtures. We collaborated with Riot to ensure we could compete in our LEC games as scheduled. We wanted to protect confidentiality and focus on the competition.”

Fnatic coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi talked about the difficult situation the infection has created and how team practice was affected. “This hurts our practice and our performance. This affected the whole team. Unforeseen circumstances are a part of life and also a part of competition. We are still going mentally strong and our goals are in sight, we are gonna smash.”

Following the conclusion of the super week and with it the regular season of the LEC Spring Split 2021 regular season, Fnatic ended up in fifth place. They’ll be facing SK Gaming in the losers’ Bracket of the playoffs, as Schalke 04 passed them in the standings on the final day, taking their fourth place.

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Image credit: Riot Games (Michal Konkol)