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Fnatic recaptures their magic, will Misfits keep up? – LEC Week 6 Recap

As week 6 of the LEC is over and done with, there’s only two more weeks left for our LEC teams to make a splash, while the playing field keeps changing.

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Fnatic recapture the magic

As the weeks go by, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the rise of Fnatic and their rise to becoming one of, if not the, best teams in the entire LEC. If you’d have asked nearly anybody about the chances of Fnatic this season, almost nobody would have put them at or near the top. Yet, here we are. Fnatic is topping the leaderboard alongside Rogue and has looked stronger and stronger as the weeks have come and gone.

In week 6 they faced both Astralis and G2 Esports, the latter match is known as one of the most interesting, long-standing rivalries in the LEC. Against Astralis, Fnatic showed what makes them so dangerous. They’ve got numerous options to play through, with Upset and Hylissang really stepping up, but players such as Nisqy and Adam have shown the capability to do so as well, while Bwipo has adapted amazingly well in the jungle role.

While the match against G2 Esports was rife with technical pauzes and bugs, which kind of took away a little from Fnatic’s comeback victory. In any case, we once again saw Upset find his best form, this time on Tristana, while Adam provided a much needed spark on Dr. Mundo. Either way you look at it, it might not always be completely clean, but Fnatic is here to fight and here to stay. It’ll be fun to see what they bring to the table come playoffs, which they’ve already locked in.

Rogue and Misfits keep up the pace

Right now Rogue is the other big candidate in the LEC title race and they’ve shown in week 6 that they know how to take care of business. With another 2-0 weekend they demolished Schalke 04 in a 23-minute quickie, while Astralis on the other hand got a firsthand taste of the incredible macro play and individual player insight that Rogue features. Odoamne back on carry champions such as Camille is also a testament to their confidence.

Misfits also got their train back on the rails with a 2-0 weekend after slumping a little more the past weeks. Their game against Excel was far from clean but the star power of Vetheo, this time on Zoe, shines through in almost every match they play. When he doesn’t pop off however, it does seem like they can struggle to keep up. Their match against Schalke 04 was a much better showing overall, with Razork once again proving his worth on Volibear and Kobbe and Vander stepping up. They’ve got the pieces, only sometimes they have difficulty fitting them together in-game.

Bittersweet for MAD and G2 Esports

Both MAD Lions and G2 Esports can’t be truly happy with their weekend, winning one game only to lose another. In the case of G2 Esports they found a solid win over Team Vitality but weren’t able to move past Fnatic. Worries surrounding G2 Esports aren’t warranted as of yet though, as they are playing on a different level than they have been at the start of the season and there’s still time to iron out the kinks before playoffs, which this G2 Esports should have no trouble reaching still.

MAD Lions had a bad start to the weekend with a mostly unexpected loss to SK Gaming in a bland and uninspiring game. MAD struggled to keep Treatz in check, who found advantages on Mundo, while Blue and Jezu provided a lot of the damage and playmaking. A mediocre game from Elyoya, something we are not used to. Their match against Vitality felt a lot smoother, but still wasn’t clean in the slightest. Humanoid is still their biggest asset, that’s for certain.

Scrappy at the bottom

One of the more interesting narratives remains the battles for the sixth playoff spot. Astralis, Team Vitality, Excel, SK Gaming and Schalke 04 don’t seem too far apart when it comes to their level of play. The teams to watch here are obviously Astralis, who seem to be clicking pretty well together as a team, and Team Vitality, who have solid individual players who need to get their noses pointing the same way. It’ll be interesting to see who makes it, especially with SK Gaming surging. Schalke 04 on the other hand, seems to have a rough patch.

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